The piano tech side of our business, is based in the Denver area and offers services and products ranging from piano tuning and tech services in Colorado, to stage piano rental for regional music festivals, to national piano sales, and piano player system retrofits and upgrades anywhere in the world.

We take recycling to a new level, by artistically restoring the cabinets of pianos from 100 years ago and then expertly updating them with the best of today’s technology and materials. With the skills and knowledge of second and third generation artisans, cabinet refinishers, and piano technicians, we are proud to offer the finest in custom pianos.

We are field experts in installation and maintenance of Dampp-Chaser climate control systems. For more information on the Dampp-Chaser climate control system for your piano, please go to:

December 1, 2020

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American Classic Piano Company didn’t start out as a piano company at all; it started as a boy who wanted to make music.

Warren Niles Baker, owner/operator/founder of American Classic Piano Company started his musical career as a drummer at the age of 12. He entered college (not at age 12 but a few years later) on a percussion scholarship, but wanted to write music, so he majored in music theory and composition, not really having a clue about it. He was told, “Well, son, if you want to write music, you had better learn to play the piano.” So he began playing piano at the age of 19. He was traveling with a band during summer break as the drummer and hauled a spinet piano from hotel to hotel to work on his piano skills. It was by necessity that he learned how to tune the piano that he hauled around. That self-taught tuning skill ultimately turned into a full-time piano business in Louisiana and then in Colorado when he moved the family there in the 90s.

American Classic Piano grew out of that small tuning business into a full-blown piano rebuilding and refinishing shop specializing in preserving and recycling vintage pianos.

Warren continues to compose and perform his music for private and corporate events and also our "house concerts" featuring other musician friends from around the globe. And he still enjoys getting his hands on pianos in every way every day.

Warren Niles Baker, owner/operator/founder of American Classic Piano Company

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