Player system retrofits

Whether it's your family's old piano that isn't being used or you just want to get more out of your piano, a player retrofit is the answer. The system in no way affects the playability of the piano as a regular acoustic instrument. Families that have invested in the system get so much more use out of their pianos. In fact, once they get back to enjoying piano music regularly, they also start playing more. Win-win! Let the piano entertain you and your guests at events. Even let the guests participate in choosing the music from the huge library of available music. More win-win! The new Wi-Fi processor means no more discs to fumble with and no need to listen to 20 tunes by one artist unless you want to. Go from Rachmaninoff to Elton John and even Led Zeppelin.

To learn more about how to get this system into your piano, or to see what pianos we have in our inventory that you can custom design to create your own history, contact us at American Classic Piano Co.




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